Chin Strap for head thrusting

This photo shows and idea for when LNS children may sometimes throw their heads forward. The colored piece along the back goes around their neck, the half moon shape areas is for their chin to rest on and the lower bar rests on their chest.

The strap shown in this picture is used by a seven year old boy and he feels greatly comforted by knowing that he has this device to rest his chin in those moments when his head tends to be thrown over and over again.

Modified toddler bed

This picture shows an idea for young children to assist with SIB while in bed. The bed is a race car style with the mattress inside only, there is no box spring. The mattress is surrounded by a thick foam piece from JoAnn Fabrics. The foam is then wrapped in a fleece material and slid around the perimeter of the bed. It gives comfort to the LNS child by not allowing the child to bang his head.

Mouthguard to prevent biting
One of the most difficult forms of SIB for people affected with LNS tends to be biting. This picture features an example of a mouth guard that can be used to defray some of the intensity of biting on lips and the tongue. The upper portion is made of a hard plastic or even ceramit material and the lower portion is made of a softer plastic or silicone. Many mouth guards are secured to the teeth with denture glue or snapped as shown in the upper guard onto the teeth. You can find pictures of other mouth guards at the following link:!/groups/106039789454449/ This link is to a Facebook discussion about mouth guards and has quite a bit of wise knowledge from many LNS parents.
Homemade biting fabric

These pictures feature a response to biting. This child has a tendency to bite his lower lip. This small piece of fabric is enough to allow him the protection from this biting. It is made from a piece of neoprene surrounded by some outdoor fabric and sewn together. The clips are then attached to his clothing. This apparatus has been approved by the local school district for use to prevent his behaviors.

Biting fabric in use