We have hope as an anchor for Lesch-Nyhan Families to keep them safe and secure.
Love Never Sinks is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded to offer assistance to individuals and their families living each and every day with Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome. Our purpose is to help......We support the individuals and their families first with love and compassion, we will come to visit you anywhere in the United States. We aim to empower parents to be advocates for their children and to assist parents with finding appropriate resources.
 We will fund the shipment of supplies and equipment from one family to another. 
We will also be creating awareness in the medical community by distributing pamphlets and information to medical peronnel throughout the country.

Our 2nd Conference was an exciting event.  We had returning families along with new ones attend this year.  We heard from both Dr. Eddey and Dr. Jinnah, sharing their experiences with both behavior modifications and medications.  In addition, we held a 5K, that brought many participants.  Take a moment to view the video below.  Also, check out our NEWS, PHOTOS and FAMILY CENTER tabs at the top of the page for updates and ideas that we came up with.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and we are already in the planning phase for next year's conference!

We look forward to seeing you there next year!

A great big THANK YOU to Mr Lehman for the awesome video of our 2014 Conference!!


For Lesch-Nyhan Campaign 2015

Thank you for supporting our Love for Lesch-Nyhan Campaign! 

Click here to download flyer for Panera Bread, Batavia IL  on 

St. Valentines Day 2015

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Love Never Sinks 

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Balloons for Bubba

Thank you to everyone who supported us in thoughts and prayers for The Marklund family in their loss of Jaspar. 

If you have found a balloon we would love to hear from you! Please click on the News tab to share a balloon story by commenting on the Condolences post. Thank you so much! We would love to send your messsages to the famliy!

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Michelle Lucas



Peggy Young 



Amy Laws



2013 5K in Chicago, IL
The 2nd Annual Run/Walk/Roll 5K
Sunday, September 28th, 2014 
Gahanna, OH

Please join us for our second annual event, in Central Ohio, to support individuals with Lesch-Nyhan and their families!  Click on the Get Involved/Events Tab for details and to get registered. 

The 5k is designed for runners, walkers and rollers alike, so anyone can participate! 

See the WEBSTORE  for details regarding registration for the 5k. You will also find a registration form for the 5k on the Get Involved/Events Tab

We hope to see you there!!

Love Never Sinks for Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome 5K Run/Walk/ROLL!!! 
OCTOBER 19 & 20, 2013
The 5k events in  IL and OH were a smashing success! We had over 70 participants runners, walkers and rollers alike! There were a total of four LNS families as well as one other participant in a wheelchair, love it, love it! Not to mention strollers, dogs and a few who courageously rode their bikes or managed just 1k!
Thank you to all of our sponsors, particpants and donors alike! We were able to raise over $2000.00 thanks you your efforts  over that one weekend!
The funds will be used to connect and assist event more LNS families and will go a long way in supporting next years conference! 
Check out the Central Ohio chapter at the website below:
5K participants in Chicago

We will be an anchor for you in times of rough seas and a lifeline when you feel all alone with Lesch-Nyhan.